Getting Down and Derby

The Kentucky Derby is less than a week away, and I thought it would be a fun idea to put together a what might single handedly be the most sought out accessory. For those of you not too familiar of the Kentucky Derby, just think 1) horse races, 2) Juleps, 3) floral and pastels, and 4) HATS HATS HATS!

It’s not a Derby party without an extravagant hat or fascinator to finish up an outfit, ladies. Here are some gorgeous pieces I’ve found that caught my eye (click on the images to shop the piece).

This first collection is from hat connoisseur Arturo Rios. Rios definitely has the most exotic of hats, at a fairly exotic price, but none the less STUNNING:





For some of us might not be able to justify spending quite that much on a one time wear hat (because some outfits can’t be worn more than once…we all know that’s true). None the less, you don’t need to shell out too much just to get into the spirit of the event! Here are some alternatives that will get you just as ready to celebrate over some Juleps with friends:









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