Winter Shades // Must Haves

The colors your closet needs this season!

With the temperatures finally falling below 90, Fall trends are popping up despite the fact that we still are in the 80’s. In fact, since winter comes later and later each year, I’ve noticed that Fall and Winter fashion tends to mold together into one fabulous transitional lookbook.

The plan is to look at trends, color, and textures / styles separately, but there is a lot of layering when it comes to fashion! I broke it down into colors for this post, but keep on the lookout for the next post in this mini-series!


Color trends that will take you from this heat to the winter streets:

(Click on images to shop these specific pieces!!)



We see burgundy mostly closer to Christmas time, but to overcompensate for the fact that the weather refuses to cool down, we are jumping the gun! Burgundy is a very classy and bold color that can be incorporated into your closet from sweaters, to pants, and even cute booties! They’re like the new black of Fall/Winter months! (This holds true for men as well!!) 





Feeling a little Boot-iful. These Burgundy ankle boots will take any outfit from bland to grand with the richness of the color. If you’re not into bright colors, this is a good staple piece. 







A statement purse is a no brainer. You can dress up your fall outfits with a piece like this and not feel too over powered. Again, this color is so transitional that it can carry you through the winter months and early into spring. 








A flouncy wrap blouse like this is romantic and perfect for a sweet date night. This color works during the day time during fall and winter since it is such a warm and deep color. I love the bow to the side as well. (The color is in, and so are wraps!!)







Nail art and nail polish in itself is very forgiving. If you’re not one for bold color, your nails can be adorned by this deep color during the winter without too much commitment. This might be a good way to test out the color before you jump right in and change the entirety of your closet color scheme! OPI is also a favorite for mine since it has so many shades that are very similar…this is one of may “burgundy/reds” that they have in their collection!









Everything about this is YES! I didn’t understand fur/puffer vests for a long time since I generally get cold on top, but living in Houston, I fully understand the charm of not having sleeves during our “cold fronts”. Burgundy faux fur vest is uber cute and so chic for layering. I love how this piece catches the light. Faux fur all the way here, but the richness of the color and the fabric would be great for holiday parties, to pair with all black, and even over a silky dress. 





Emerald Green

Greens are more exotic. They sit with the transitional piece from Summer to Fall, but are deep enough to be that pop! Pieces that look best in greens would be a pair of pumps to go with a black dress or over coats and jackets. I definitely think this is a “finisher” piece, in that it pulls in the outfit and finishes the look.




I cannot even express my love for this color and this skirt!! this pleated green metallic skirt is everything for this holiday season! Green is usually closely associated with Christmas, but take it to another level and we can definitely push this into New Years. Imagine a black camisole and a leather jacket? For a more classy look, a simple blouse would make it a very lady-like look. 







Emerald earrings have always been classy. Always. These are great statement pieces and can be worn with a casual white tee or an oversized sweater, but look absolutely beautiful during a party! It’s a timeless color that dresses up anything and everything. 







Now, these pants, I LOVE. I love pretty much everything I’ve included on this post, otherwise I wouldn’t have included them, but this deep emerald green high-waisted pant is amazing! Throw on a blazer and a cuff and maybe a delicate gold choker and you’re good to go. Perfect for a fashion forward event, and forget a cocktail dress, this will get you more compliments and give you more comfort than you can handle. 





You can never go wrong with a nice pashmina or a green scarf. Again, another less committed look, but also a statement piece that you could be comfortable with and is functional for the chill. There are so many different ways to tie a scarf, you can change this look up time and time again.





Earth Tones:

All about the nudes! The browns, tans, sand colored everything is to fall as white on white is to summer! The great thing about these pieces is that they provide an excellent base to all your outfits. They pair well with every other color, and let you play around with different styles if you’re still a bit iffy on a trend piece. This also includes cool colors like grey and black. If you’re wanting to test out wearing a beret, or over the knee boots, or even a lovely silk scarf, this would be a great option as to ease you in.  


How cute is this pompom cap? I couldn’t resist including them on here because not only are they a basic, and a nude, they’re also a statement piece! You can go neutral here, but still be fashion forward and daring at the same way…in a subtle way. Love the pom pom and this can be thrown onto pretty much any color scheme. If I had it my way, I’d pair this with a black long sleeve turtleneck and black jeans and booties. 


Tan / Nude Suede jackets are a classic piece that has not yet gone out of style for years. A staple and more edgy piece that can be dressed with a dress or down with some casual jeans. The zip and button details on this particular one give it more character than one that is more simple. 



These over the knee boots are a cool grey, which I love during the winter. They are easy to pair with black/white/ and pretty much every color in between. My favorite part about OTK boots is they allow you to wear skirts and dresses well into the winter! The heel gives it a more adult and dressed up look, but take the heel off and you have a more casual version of the boot, but they really pull an outfit together!






Mixing tones is also a great idea when shopping for pieces like shoes. You want to make the most out of what’s in your closet, and this way you can get away without having to buy a separate black bootie and a brown bootie. This two tone pointed toe bootie would pair well with outfits that are black/brown focused.







X-Marks the spot on this over-sized knit sweater. I am not a huge fan of bulky sweaters, but when they have cute detailing, I am a little more accepting to them. This is a cute casual piece that can be used for layering with jackets and scarves, and everyone needs a basic black sweater! 








Leather/ faux leather leggings and pants are great this season! They edge up an outfit without being too obvious. These trousers can be worn with boots and comfy sweater to keep it from being too basic and boring, but instead a little more appealing to the eye. A long silk or flowy tunic with this look and a statement necklace and some heels would take it into a more evening and date night look. A night out with the girls? ABSOLUTELY!




The fun thing about Earth tones, is that the category in itself is pretty liberal! This cheetah print neck scarf is not a traditional “earth tone” we can get away with including it in the same category! It’s wild, am I right?!

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