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I recently had the chance to visit with Mark Veeder, aka the father of Farmacy Beauty, which is a product line that mixes nature and technology to create a responsible formula that works well on most (if not all) skin types! Farmacy includes a wide variety of facial products that include night balms, moisturizers, salves, mists, etc. You may have never heard of the brand, or you might have seen it on Sephora shelves…that ring a bell at all? Either way, I had the opportunity to test out some of the line to see what all the fuss was about, and to be honest, I am really happy with how my skin tone has turned out.

Originally I started out thinking I was going to test the product for a week, and then write the review, but decided to give the brand a fair share, why not give it more time and my skin more of a chance to adapt. Overall thoughts, my skin is clearer, and brighter. There is no redness in my skin, and the bags under my eyes have packed up and moved on. The key here though was to first figure out which products worked BEST with my skin type, because I honestly don’t believe there is one formula that can fit every skin tone, but what I did find was there is something for everyone and anyone. (In all transparency, I just really had to keep myself from eating them, they smelt sooo good!!)

Keep scrolling for the products I used and did not and who would be the best candidate for them! Just click on the images to take you RIGHT to the product website where you can read more about them. 

Honey Drop lightweight moisturizer : This has got to be the holy grail of Farmacy products that I tried. I have such a difficult time applying certain moisturizers, fearing they would clog my pores, but this was lightweight and still hydrated my skin instantly. I am hooked and this one is currently in my daily routine as I write.

Skin type: All

When to use: Morning / Night after washing face

 Sleep tight firming night balm: This balm is supposed to help firm and tighten lines all over while you sleep. I loved the product and the way it sat as a balm and turned to an ‘oil’ when applied to your face. I was a little nervous about applying it to my entire face (I have combination skin) so I stuck with applying it as an under eye balm, and the results are definitely noticable. I feel like my eyes look much more awake without having to use makeup and tons of concealer.

Skin type: Dry (everyone else, use under eyes)

When to use: Night time


Honey Potion hydration mask: Now this product is a little magical in the sense that its a balm, but turns into a warm oil on your face and once you rub it in to become white. Almost an immediate result, this product warms on your skin and smells like a pot of honey (I mean yum right), but as soon as you wash it off…instant GLOW. Again, another product I was hesitant about since it is oil based, but I found that it didn’t cause excess oiliness which was a huge plus. I still would not use it too often, but for an extra pick me up for sure!

Skin Type: Dry (Everyone else, use in moderation)

When to use: Once a week

Honey Savior skin repair salve: This is the everything repair salve that you can pretty much take anywhere you go. If your hands are feeling dry, salve it. If your knees are looking ashy, salve it..I think you get the gist. The light scent isn’t too overpowering, and it too has a dash of honey aroma..SWEET!

Skin Type: All

When to use it: Whenever/Wherever – Shakira reference


Skin Dew Hydrating essence mist: I am a huge fan of mists, and this one is by far one of my favorites! Not only is it a hydrating mist, but it is also a SETTING spray, minus the chemicals. I was using this before I put my makeup on, and then again once I was done, and the difference was like night and day. My makeup lasted, but so did the dewiness of my skin. A definite glow up, and a definite must have. The scent is light and refreshing, and the mist is such a wake me up in the AM when the snooze button got too many chances.

Skin Type: All

When to use: Before/After makeup or even throughout the day as a refresher


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